1. Do Mike and Suzanne have pets?

    YES! Mike and Suzanne love their fur babies. They have been active in the rescue community for over a decade, and often foster and/or adopt rescue animals. They have rescued several dogs and a number of cats in recent years, and found loving homes for a number of others. Both of Mike and Suzanne’s dogs crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year, and their pictures can be found painted on the walls of downtown buildings. Their cats are healthy and happy and frequently appear on social media platforms.  

  2. Did Mike and Suzanne really have two weddings?

    YES! The first was World Record-worthy; the second was in their church, officiated by Father Madden. When the Manninos got married, they did not want to add the day to their crowded annual events calendar but they DID WANT to share the special occasion with everyone. Because of that, they decided to get married at their November Honeymoon Island Half Marathon with 1,200 friends and family. The only requirement was that NOBODY could bring a gift. Gifts that were brought were to be immediately donated. Suzanne had 256 bridesmaids; Mike had 111 groomsmen. The island’s director officiated, and the Black Honkeys performed at the post race party. In spite of the size of the wedding, the decision was made NOT to pay the world record attempt fee to the Guinness Book of World Records -  Instead the money was donated to several local organizations. The second wedding was a small catholic wedding in the church with just six witnesses. Mike and Suzanne celebrate the anniversary date of 12/12 which was their church wedding.

  3. Is this Mike’s first campaign?

    NO! For the past 7 years, Mike and Suzanne have been very politically active, serving as consultants, social media specialists, sign waivers, door knockers, and poll workers. In fact, Mike’s first campaign was in fifth grade, when he was elected president of his elementary school. If you want a chuckle, ask Mike or Suzanne what his talent was during the campaign. HINT:  It had nothing to do with soccer.

  4. Is “Michael Mannino” the name given when he was born at Morton Plant Hospital?

    NO! Mike was born on November 8, 1977, and his given name was Michael Robert Poole. Many people in the community still know him as Mike Poole.  Mike’s mother Jean married Peter Mannino when Mike was a young teen. At the age of 22, Mike considered changing his last name to Mannino to match the rest of the family and asked the Mannino family if he could adopt the family name. Mike had never had a personal relationship with his biological father, so he wholeheartedly made the change, and since then his legal name has been Michael Robert Mannino - Mike is proud of both names. This explains why you may find several versions of Mike and Suzanne’s pages on Facebook and other social media sites.

  5. Do Mike and Suzanne have more than 1,000 children?

    NO! But… Because Mike and Suzanne value the role that coaches and teachers play in the lives of children, they consider the youth that each of them has coached over many years as their own. Mike and Suzanne have coached and mentored more than 1,000 children in the local sports community, and still play a role in the lives of many of them.

  6.  Do Mike and Suzanne own a home in the Florida Keys?

    No! But… the Manninos spend a lot of time with the Henslee side of their family, who live there year-round. The Florida Keys are Mike and Suzanne’s favorite getaway; they can often be found anywhere from mile Marker 90.5 to Mile Marker 0.